Exhibits Range


Centrifugal, Dosing, Screw, Rotor, Roots, Piston, Vane, Vortex, Lifting, Hose, Cam, Diaphragm, Reciprocating, Jet, Gear, Axial Flow, Mixed Flow, Vacuum, and other types of pumps.


Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball, Sewage, Check, Brass, Throttle, Plunger, Plug, Control, Steam Trap, Instrumentation, Copper, Solenoid, Safety, Pressure Reducing, Regulating, Bottom, and other types of valves.

Pipes, Pipe Fittings

Composite Pipes, Bend Pipes, Corrugated Pipes, Municipal Pipes, Cement Pipes, Elbows, Connectors, Hoses, Pipe Machinery, T-Joints, Cross-Joints, and other pipes and connectors.

Intelligent Water Supply Equipment

Complete Sets, Flow-Stabilizing Tanks, Frequency Converters, Control Cabinets, Vertical Centrifugal Pumps, Computer Software, Control Tanks, and other intelligent water supply devices.

Pump, Pipe, and Valve Accessories

CNC Machines, Seals, Linings, Coatings, Pump Casings, Pump and Valve Testing Equipment, Adhesives, Welding, Flanges, Valve Positioners, Bearings/Couplings, Castings/Forgings, and other accessories.

Sewage Equipment

Sewage Pumps, Sewage Lifters, Integrated Prefabricated Pump Stations, and Oil-Water Separators.


Pneumatic, Electric, Manual, Hydraulic, Pneumatic components, and other types of actuators.


YE2, YE3, YE4 Motors, Explosion-Proof Motors, Fan Motors, Motor Stators, Motor Magnets, Motor Bearings, and other motor supporting products.


Air, Process, Special Compressors, Compressor Parts, Compressed Air Post-Processing Equipment, Lubricating Oils, Post-Processing and other related auxiliary equipment.


Civil and Industrial Building Fans, Industrial Fans, Engineering Fans, Ventilation Equipment, Blowers and Supporting Parts.