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Why China

In recent years, China’s industrial development has been booming, leading to an ever-increasing demand for pump and valve products, and the pump and valve industry has been rapidly advancing. With favorable national policies and significant investments, key water conservancy projects represented by the national water network have been continuously launched. These projects, with longer construction cycles and wider coverage, have created sustained demand for various large-diameter and extra-large-diameter water supply and drainage valves, as well as water regulation pipelines. This has brought more development opportunities and challenges for the water pump market. The continuous increase in national investment in urban and rural sewage treatment facilities will surely serve as a “booster shot” to promote the steady acceleration of the pump, pipe, and valve industry in the next phase. The industry is expected to release demand ahead of schedule in the second half of the year, ushering in a surge.


FLOWTECH CHINA, co-hosted by All-China Environment Federation, China Energy Conservation Association, Shanghai Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Herui Group, and Informa Markets, is a bellwether event in the industry. FLOWTECH CHINA aims to display cutting-edge new products and technological solutions in the industry, establish a brand image for enterprises, and assist exhibitors in directly facing target customers from tap water companies/water service companies/wastewater treatment plants/design institutes/government departments/ engineering companies/environmental engineering companies/ distributors/ agents/ traders/ industrial end users, bridging the gap between exhibitors and target customers and promoting industry cooperation. FLOWTWCH CHINA 2024 is set to sail again from June 3-5, 2024, at Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center (Hongqiao) in Shanghai. FLOWTECH CHINA is the premier exhibition platform for the national pump, pipe, and valve industry. FLOWTECH CHINA 2024 is expected to gather over 1,200 exhibitors from home and abroad and attract more than 55,000 professional visitors for viewing and procurement.


By attending FLOWTECH CHINA 2024, participants can engage in face-to-face conversations with professional audiences from industries such as pumps and valves distributors/agents/traders/tap water companies/water service companies/municipal engineering companies/municipal design institutes/environmental engineering companies/ park management committees/bureaus/industrial end users, creating more business opportunities!

On-site Display Services

In addition to securing your spot, FLOWTECH CHINA 2024 provides exhibitors with additional exposure opportunities such as new product announcements, professional conferences, and forums. This ensures exhibitors have more chances for new product promotion, brand marketing, and business expansion!